13/05/2020 – Information for Parents/Carers from Transactions Team at City of Edinburgh Council

Education Maintenance Allowance – Young people who are in receipt of EMA and who are unable to meet their agreed attendance requirements due to Coronavirus / Covid-19 will continue to receive their EMA payment as per the existing payment schedule. Young people awarded an EMA after 01/03/20 will be eligible for payments without a signed learning agreement, backdated to the start of lockdown. Any payments prior to this will be subject to the normal approval from schools. For further information please see our website: https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/ema

School allocations for P1 and S1 places in August 2020 – We aim to deal with all late placing requests received up to 03/05/20, including second choice applications, and write to you in the last week of May 2020. Applications received after 03/05/20 will not be dealt with until the end of June 2020. For further information please see our website: https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/schoolplaces2020

Free School Meals / Clothing Grants – applications for 2020/21 for the term starting in August 2020 have not yet opened. We will update our website and put a message on social media as soon as applications open.

St Ninian’s RC Primary

Mission Statement

As a Roman Catholic school community, we at St. Ninian’s are committed to provide conditions and experiences that will promote the spiritual, moral, physical, social and intellectual development of all individuals to their full potential within an environment of care, respect and security.

Our mission is upheld by the following shared beliefs:

Our pupils are held in high regard and their dignity, worth and individuality is respected within the welcoming and encouraging ethos, which pervades our school promoting security and confidence in our pupils. An effective partnership links our pupil’s home family, school family and parish family, whilst all at St. Ninian’s foster close links with the local community enjoying a positive community profile.

Our curriculum is characterised by the highest standards of teaching and learning and by a constant search for continual improvement. Learning and teaching experiences are planned, purposeful and matched to the needs, abilities and readiness of our pupils. Our approach to discipline reflects our Christian values, and we emphasise patience, forgiveness and reconciliation. Prayer and worship are an important distinctive feature of our school and our values are evident in our staff’s interactions with pupils and each other. Expectations are high for all.