I hope you enjoy exploring our website and that you find all of the information useful and informative.

We want to use our website to share information and to share our pupils’ learning, successes and achievements.  To do this our website hosts all of our school twitter feeds so you can keep up to date with all of the fantastic learning which is going on at St Ninian’s.

It is also our hope this will aid us in our venture to becoming increasingly Eco friendly by reducing the amount of paper we send home as you will be able to download newsletters and information as they are  posted.

We are very proud of all of our children and staff here in St Ninian’s and hope you will enjoy finding out more about us! 

Angie Brack

Head Teacher


St Ninian’s RC Primary

Mission Statement

As a Roman Catholic school community, we at St. Ninian’s are committed to provide conditions and experiences that will promote the spiritual, moral, physical, social and intellectual development of all individuals to their full potential within an environment of care, respect and security.

Our mission is upheld by the following shared beliefs:

Our pupils are held in high regard and their dignity, worth and individuality is respected within the welcoming and encouraging ethos, which pervades our school promoting security and confidence in our pupils. An effective partnership links our pupil’s home family, school family and parish family, whilst all at St. Ninian’s foster close links with the local community enjoying a positive community profile.

Our curriculum is characterised by the highest standards of teaching and learning and by a constant search for continual improvement. Learning and teaching experiences are planned, purposeful and matched to the needs, abilities and readiness of our pupils. Our approach to discipline reflects our Christian values, and we emphasise patience, forgiveness and reconciliation. Prayer and worship are an important distinctive feature of our school and our values are evident in our staff’s interactions with pupils and each other. Expectations are high for all.