Successful Learners

At St. Ninian’s we work hard to ensure that our learning environment stimulates and motivates everyone to enjoy life long, successful learning. We offer our pupils learning opportunities that enthuse and challenge them to think independently and creatively to achieve their full potential.

Confident Individuals

At St. Ninian’s through promoting their holistic development, we aim to encourage our pupils to become confident individuals by valuing each individual and fostering respect for self and others, within a culture of shared faith and belief.

Responsible Citizens

At St. Ninian’s we respect ourselves and others. We celebrate our shared values, beliefs and attitudes as they enable us all to participate responsibly in our community and the wider world.

Effective Contributors

At St. Ninian’s we are enterprising. We use our own skills and knowledge together with our resilience and communication skills to work together with others to meet challenges and solve problems.